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  • Tania Stockless, CMP

Oh no, not another webinar! Getting Creative with Virtual Events

Virtual events can be challenging to create engagement and, if we're being honest, sometimes they're just downright boring. While some are straight forward and purely for delivery of information, what do you do when you want to keep people online and engaged? Why not look at your in person events and consider what activities might be transitioned to an online format? If they were a success in person, chances are they will be a success virtually as well. According to Bizzabo, 93% of event marketers plan to invest in virtual events moving forward. With this in mind, they have provided "20 Unique Virtual Event Ideas To Inspire Your Next Event" in this article which is well worth a read. Some of their suggestions I personally found to be successful at in person events and would try to incorporate online include 'gamification with a leaderboard', 'virtual photo booths', 'prizes and sponsor giveaways', among others.

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